by Calm Down Adrian

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About a cat. Wrote it in 2014 in April I think. forgive the distortion.


I saw you at a shelter
And I caught your tiny gaze
The last one in in the litter
You were more than just a phase

I brought you home
And you were officially my cat
You started to eat food
And started to get fat

Sadie dadadadada

I chose to name you Sadie
Without any of your consent
We can eat food together
And we're content

We will always be together
Even when the magic starts to fade
But yesterday I saw you
At home with the maid

chrous Sadie dadadadada

Sadie forever love you
I don't need any friends just only me and you

I knew I'd have to tell you
Right from the start
You were adopted
But it would break your tiny heart

My friends make fun of us
And I don't know what to say
All I do is say
I get pussy every single day

Despite all these troubles
My heart will go on
When I'm feeling down
It helps to sing this little song

C, F
C, C7, F
Capo 4 or 5


released April 20, 2014
Sadie, Me.




Calm Down Adrian Ottawa, Ontario

this is a thing where i post the music i make.

i talk about how i feel and whats on my mind.

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