by Calm Down Adrian

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I broke up with a girl then wrote this one a few months after I think I got over it. I do this stuff late at night because I'm always more honest with myself then. shit tier artwork too lol. it makes me laugh

This one kind of drones on. But whatever yo. Enjoy if u want

About getting over stuff.


You're too special to ever waste away
So please don't ever wake up and say
I think I've had enough of my life
For today
I think that's the best we can do for today

And I took you for granted from the moment
Pleasure took your place
Human beings are really that simple
It's just a matter of saving face
Cause we've superimposed some purpose for our lives, this time
And it's hard to have fun any of the time

Cause we got cataracts in our eyes
And thorns in our besides/behinds
But we got the suburban lifestyle so we don't mind

Let's stop living for eachother
And live for ourselves
And hitherto we no longer walk on eggshells
It's making us super sad can you not tell

So let's take responsibility over our lives
Let's not accept the fact that we feel sad all of the time

I've learned that pleasure and pain
Are just one and the same

And now it's goodbye
Or salame


released December 25, 2015
Me and my experiences.




Calm Down Adrian Ottawa, Ontario

this is a thing where i post the music i make.

i talk about how i feel and whats on my mind.

Mi Casa Su Casa

I'm an awesome human check myyy music out

some are srs and some are not
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