Didn't know how to say hi

by Calm Down Adrian

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I tried to write a song that wasn't about me. Really, I tried to write a song like Pile. It didn't go as I planned, but that's what I expected.

The words just came out, I guess.

I also edited out some trash in the song lol.

I wrote this one in February 2016.


Ooohhh ooooh's

He started his life in a embryo
Cause he didn't know how to say hi
And he started in a fetus or an embryo
Cause he didn't know how to say hi

And he hung a horse by a noose because he felt oh so obliged
And when life lost its meaning he said life got so contrived

The opposite effect was aroused
So he put those feelings down
So he hung a horse by a noose

Cause that was his way to say hi
He said that was his way to say
Cause thats the only way I know how to say goodbye
Cause thats my way to stay high

Ahhh ahhhh

(Thanks jeff for the chords)

Imaginary friends become implied
And loved ones start to sigh

His life became hardly palpable
And his dishes became so detestable
And ideals flushed out his intestinal (best lyric)
And sloths went in bi-directional directions

Ahhh ahhh (thanks again jeff m. for the chords)

Em Cm G B

And sometimes A and G


released February 13, 2016
Me and life and mom and friends and loved ones and the world. im grateful for these things




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