Bob (not bob ross u silly goose)

by Calm Down Adrian

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About a guy I met at a nursing home. He had dementia and was pretty belligerent yet always made me laugh and have a good time.


bob when i met you
you were wearing that stripey conductor hat
and when we played trivia
you knew all the facts

and when you wear those shorts
and when i see those thighs
sometimes i think i go to heaven
cause gosh darn i just go blind

and i think that maybe this is love
or maybe we're just friends
im not sure for sure
but i know that no one else contends

and the way you look at women
and the way you stare at girls
it makes me think 'now what's the deal?'
but I know
you're our best-est friend in the world

cause you're Bob
yeah you're Bob
And you're always gonna be our Bob

It's not robert you knob
hes hardly a snob
and even backwards its spelled Bob

Hey who just walked on through that door
It's the greatest man to ever have set foot on the first floor
And I wanted to do some laundry today
And I wanted to go outside someday
But Robert I met you
And before I was so blue

And I don't want to bring the mood down
But i hope you never ever ever die
Cause you're such a beautiful man
And you should make no compromise

// (and instead for when I play for old people)
And I don't wanna bring the mood down
But you're such a soft hearted guy
And you're such a beautiful man
That should make no compromise

And maybe this is love
And I know we're more than friends
But I know for sure
I know that no one else contends

Cause you're Bob
You're Bob
You're B-O-B you're Bob

does providing the chords ruin the magic?
D - A - G
Bm and A


released July 20, 2015




Calm Down Adrian Ottawa, Ontario

this is a thing where i post the music i make.

i talk about how i feel and whats on my mind.

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